What Would I Do Without IKEA?

My favorite store use to be Target because you can find everything you need there. I mean everything, diapers, wipes, strawberries, batman legos, bath towels, and all the candy I can eat. But once I experienced IKEA, well Target became my second favorite store. I adore IKEA. Love the food, the ice cream, the products, and the nursing lounge. It’s a maze getting through it and I love that. It reminds me of Stew Leonard’s in Connecticut where I grew up. That is the best grocery store ever!

Stew Leonard's

Stew Leonard’s (Photo credit: gallant_charles)

Only thing I miss about the east coast. Well that and my sister, my dad, and grandparents. But it isn’t enough for me to move back there. Don’t miss the east coast and all that snow and rain and humidity. Eww. Stew Leonard’s is a maze and it has talking animals and little shows and it’s a children’s paradise for going to the store. And their ice cream could never ever top IKEA’s.

Everything I ever need is at IKEA. Vases, ice cube trays (which I use for baking as well), DD’s crib which converts into a toddler bed when she gets older, and things to organize my kiddos room! I am not the queen of organization I will be the first to admit it. Like right now I should be organizing my clothes and putting away the clean ones but I decided to blog instead. It is nice that IKEA has showrooms and ideas to help with organization and every so often they offer a workshop or two to help with that. Yes I should take that but unless someone wants to watch my kids for a good four hours, I can’t. I was able to pick up some awesome soft bins that fit perfectly under DD’s crib so I can finally get rid of the broken dresser.

So my big project tomorrow is organizing their room and getting things under control in there like all the book in a nice order on the bookshelf instead of thrown everywhere. Hopefully it will work since SO is home on weekends and we have no plans at all tomorrow. Fun, fun, fun Sunday. All that is missing is a nice glass of wine while doing it. Ah that would be nice but no wine. I don’t drink when breastfeeding. Just my preference.

What store could you not live without?


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