If Ten Million Fireflies Lit Up the World As I Fell Asleep

Over on Pinterest I saw a do your own fireflies in a mason jar. I thought it was kind of cool. Not sure who started the idea of creating them with the inside of a glow stick but kudos to them. My kids are too young to stay up and watch fireworks for Fourth of July this year. And the fact that due to all the wildfires that the state has had has made most of the firework shows cancel. We created our own fireworks with glow sticks and the firefly mason jar.

Was not expecting to do this with my kids at all but when two of the glow sticks broke, I shook the contents into the mason jar. Didn’t have any glitter so nix that step. Might have been a bit helpful but we can do that next time.


Ours didn’t turn out as cool as the Pinterest ones but cool enough for a little toddler who took the jar to bed with him. Maybe next year DS might be able to see a firework show. Although he slept through World of Color at Disneyland Resort when we went for his birthday so maybe fireworks won’t be that cool to him.

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