If Ten Million Fireflies Lit Up the World As I Fell Asleep

Over on Pinterest I saw a do your own fireflies in a mason jar. I thought it was kind of cool. Not sure who started the idea of creating them with the inside of a glow stick but kudos to them. My kids are too young to stay up and watch fireworks for Fourth of July this year. And the fact that due to all the wildfires that the state has had has made most of the firework shows cancel. We created our own fireworks with glow sticks and the firefly mason jar.

Was not expecting to do this with my kids at all but when two of the glow sticks broke, I shook the contents into the mason jar. Didn’t have any glitter so nix that step. Might have been a bit helpful but we can do that next time.


Ours didn’t turn out as cool as the Pinterest ones but cool enough for a little toddler who took the jar to bed with him. Maybe next year DS might be able to see a firework show. Although he slept through World of Color at Disneyland Resort when we went for his birthday so maybe fireworks won’t be that cool to him.

Back in Action with Flowers

Disappeared for almost a week. Our state currently has 12 wildfires burning. One was extremely close to my family so we had our bags back and van loaded. Yesterday we were finally cleared from any evacuation so I could breathe again. Almost a week of checking the news constantly has finally cleared. We still smell smoke constantly but that’s to be expected with all these fires.

Almost being evacuated has taught me a lot. It taught me that the things I would save were things I never thought I would save, pictures, heirlooms (like the guitar my father gave me), projects my children have done, and of course diapers. Before the fire near us started, I already donated a lot of clothing to those who needed it. Not just clothes of mine but my significant other did and my son donated some of his clothes too. I try to teach him that there are people who need help in this world and that someone is always worse off then us. I didn’t go through his toys only cause his sister will be playing with them very soon. But he did donate an entire diaper box filled with his clothing. We did something to help those in need and donating is great way to make others feel great and makes you feel good that you helped someone. I can only hope that when my children get older they will do the same thing without me telling them to.

Now to move on from the deepness and to something more light hearted. My son is OBSESSED with picking flowers right now. I mean obsessed. It’s crazy! So to help him stop picking flowers I thought it would be better if we made our own flowers. Yes make our own flowers. We made them out of two things, tissue paper and pipe cleaners.


The tissue paper should be cut in squares. Doesn’t matter how big the squares are. Do them as big as you want or as small as you want. Also take as many squares in whatever color order you want to make your flower. I recommend at least four for some depth (haha four for wow I’m easily assumed right now). Fold the tissue paper squares together in the accordion style of folding. Again, as big of a fold as you want or as small as you want.


Easy, easy, easy! Very easy.  The pipe cleaner becomes the stem. My son liked twisting the pipe cleaner around itself creating the stem. Then start tissue paper layer by layer and pull up one at a time to create that flower.


There is your beautiful flower! It’s easy as pie. Well it took me awhile to remember how to do them. I had a teacher once who taught us how to do this adorable flowers. Really had to rack my brain of how to do them. Our finishing touch was adding a squirt of perfume to the flower to make it smell. A squirt is all you need especially when it is very strong perfume from your niece’s mom. One that I would never ever wear. We made a few more and then twisted the stems together to create a little bouquet. DS thought it was the best thing in the world and carried them around for a good 30 minutes. Now he has his own flowers to smell and play with. All I need now is a vase for him to put them in. IKEA here we come soon.


If you would like to help out with the wildfires in anyway you can, please check out Help Colorado Now. Every little thing helps and makes a difference to everyone.

Crayon Candle Fun

Today it reached 98 degrees outside. Yes 98. I personally like that temperature. My significant other on the other hand will beg to differ. To be it’s tank top and short weather. He considers that 70 degrees when I’m still in jeans and a T-shirt. With a hot day like today where the sun is out, I figured it would be perfect to do something I found on Pinterest that I instantly fell in love with: Crayon Candle Idea.


This project only requires four things:

  • Crayons
  • Glass jar
  • Candle Wick (sold at Micheal’s)
  • Tin Foil

Take those broken crayons and ones that are so small that no one would ever use them and recycle them for this. For my candle I chose to do blue and green crayons with a bit of white mixed into it. Make sure you peel off the paper if there is any left on them. If my DS was older I would have enlisted him to peel off the paper. I let him place the crayons inside the glass jar. He thought it was more fun to fill it up with crayons and dump it out then to fill it. Maybe this wasn’t the best project to do with him. Once we finally filled it up and kept it filled up we placed it outside on a table and let the sun work it’s magic.


I added the tin foil underneath to help speed up the process and tied the wick to pencil so that it would get lost in the sea of green and blue. I let it sit for a good three hours out in the sun and after those three hours it was melted into a crayon candle.


YAY! Project number one done! Probably do it again in a few summers when DS and DD are older and learning about solar power and having fun science projects. Too young to get it now. DS was more into squirting himself with a squirt bottle then anything else. It is suppose to be high 90’s all this week. Maybe tomorrow we will do something based off of water fun. Not sure yet. Although I wouldn’t mind just sitting at the lake for the day. That sounds divine.