Circle Time!

Today both kiddos were extremely crabby. The heat is really starting to get to them. For DS to sit down and do a project seemed next to impossible. Baking a cake was out of the question for sure. Usually on Wednesday morning we have a breakfast picnic outside but this morning DS was up at least an hour and a half before usual. Not enough time for me to drink coffee and get the towel set up on the front porch. We had our breakfast inside and then we declared today was all about CIRCLES!

Stacked and standing car tires

Stacked and standing car tires (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

DS’s favorite place in the world is the car mechanic. (Lately it seems like we have been there more then the grocery store.) Reason why, tires! This kid would be happy if all he got for his birthday was tires. There are tires everywhere at our mechanic. There were so many circles to count there that we had counted 23 tires in total! Which brought our circle count to 23 for the morning. We went looking for a hard pool after that and we didn’t find one nor did we find one that was a circle.

At lunch we had everything out of our bowl which was a circle. The cereal we had in our yogurt in the bowl was a circle. Two circles at lunch time. Awesome! Circle count came to 25.

After our nap, which was more like a cat nap, we went outside and drew circles with our chalk. DS hasn’t quite mastered the art of a circle and just draws lines. I’ve been drawing circles and teaching him that there are no sides or edges to a circle. He doesn’t like it when I try to help him draw a circle as he likes his independence. We also did bubbles! I told him that bubbles were circles as well. We found that our bubble wand had five circles and our bucket of chalk was a circle as well. Outside play for circles came to six, not counting the countless circles I drew. Total for the day so far 31.

Dinner was pizza. Another circle. Who wants to use an oven in this weather? Not me. I’ve been avoiding cooking and baking as much as possible. So our end of the day count was 32 circles that my DS was able to point out. Boo ya!

You’re probably wondering why I spent the entire day working on a shape with my son. Learning about shapes and drawing them helps down the road with writing. Most of our alphabet is based off of shapes. The letter O is a circle and C is a half circle. Like most parents I want my child to thrive in school and do well. This is just one small step that I am helping him get to. I know he isn’t two yet and can’t even recite his ABC’s but at least he knows his circles. We can be at the park and I’ll ask him to find a circle and he will. It makes me happy knowing that he knows at least one shape before two. A triangle will be next on the list to learn. Just want to make sure that the circle has stuck. That’s why a whole day was spent on just circles. Repetition is what children need. Over and over until you feel tired of it. Just like their favorite bedtime story that they have to read every night (ours currently is a Star Wars counting book that name has spaced me). Maybe another circle day will be soon to make sure it is there before we venture to triangle. It is way past my bed time as I try to get a good solid 8 to 9 hours a night. Yes DD is only six and half weeks old and sleeps 8 to 9 hours a night. Maybe I’ll spill my secret to that if enough people are curious.