To Tummy Time or Not to Tummy Time, That is the Question

I don’t talk much about DD so I thought I would dedicate this post to her. DD is two months old and not a fan of tummy time. What is tummy time you might ask if your children were born before about 1994 or your are not a parent. Tummy time is when you place your baby on their tummy during the day with a very watchful eye. Babies are no longer allowed to sleep on their stomachs, only their backs to help reduce SIDS. Tummy time is to help build those arm muscles to help with crawling later and holding their heads up. Tummy time in our house is also known as a very unhappy time but I sneak it in as much as possible.

An infant should get about ten minutes of tummy time a day according to my pediatrician. Well I’m a bit crazy and I try for an hour a day. I will lay DD on my chest and let her lift her head up. I also don’t do the entire hour in one sitting, I do it over the course of the day. As soon as she was born I started it. It paid off. At one month old she could hold her head up as well as a three month old. Out pediatrician was quite impressed when DD displayed that skill at her one month appointment. At five and a half weeks she was already rolling over from her back to her stomach. I like to give tummy time credit for those skills.

A recent study came out that is possible that tummy time is no longer needed. It stated that children studied after the back to sleep campaign “have not adversely affected motor development.” Maybe, maybe not but I have seen what tummy time has done verse non tummy time. My niece was not given much tummy time and at two months had no head control at all. I remember having to really hold her head for her when holding her. DD doesn’t need as much help as my niece did. I’m no doctor but just comparing the two with tummy time, I saw that tummy time was very helpful. I will continue to do tummy time because I think it makes a difference.

Shake that Groove Thing Child

Today my son experienced his first Great Play class. I was sold when they told me that children come and play with balls. My son loves balls. I mean loves ball. His first word was ball. He got to play ball, climb, hit a ball with a bat, play in a fort and socialize with other kids his age besides the two neighbor boys across the street. DS had so much fun that leaving was quite hard. The class lasted 50 minutes but if my son had it his way he would have had class last all day. DD got to sit with Grandma while DS and I got to play ball and have fun.

Even though we had an active 50 minute class in the morning, I still had my son do a dance party in the afternoon. Our dance parties aren’t like other dance parties where people just throw their hands up in the air like the ceiling can’t hold them (yes that is a Macklemore reference to Can’t Hold Us). Since I have been a Zumba Instructor for three years, I try to sneak in some fitness somehow. Told with my son I got him to do squats. Not like young children need to work on squatting like us who have had children. I do very simple routines with him that he can easily follow. Nine times out of ten he makes up his own movements. There is nothing wrong with that. Let him move how the music talks to him. I danced for many years, I know a thing or two about letting the music move you. If he wants to spin in a circle the entire time, I let him. As long as he is up, dancing, and active I can care less how he does it.

In our society today we have video games, tv shows, tablets, and even toddler toys that hook up to iPods to play games. It’s my job as a mom to make sure my son is active and moving. Healthy habits start young. If my son is use to being active whether it’s dancing or Great Play classes he hopefully will grow up to know that being active is part of a healthy lifestyle. No pictures today as I don’t feel comfortable plastering my child on the internet and to protect the other children from the class just in case their parents are like me and don’t want their child on the internet as well.