So I figured that summer has come and gone, it’s time for a new title and new look. It’s no longer the Summer of New Adventures. In lack of a better title right now and listening to One Direction, I thought Story of My Life worked for now.

Now the holidays have come and gone (Thank HERA!), I can finally breath and finish my book. Book you say? It’s a New Adult book dealing with witches in New Orleans. I completed National Novel Writing Month in November finishing before Thanksgiving with 55,000 plus words. So now I just need to finish the book and actually try to get it published. I have a few people already lined up who would like to read it and give feedback before I go through agents and publishers so that I know it’s the best that it can be before it gets rejected.

The New Year always makes people decided to make resolutions. Ones that I have seen and heard are I’m going to lose weight and be fit and have that rocking body. Mine is finishing this book and hopefully getting it on the road to be published by next December. I never make resolutions because I never ever keep them like most people but this year it is something I am really passionate about. So I don’t think it’s an actual resolution as it is more of a goal that I have.

Short one today but do you make resolutions? Do you actually keep them?