It’s Christmas in July!

I’m the crazy person who starts Christmas shopping in July. Well I come from a big family and honestly I don’t like the fact that around Christmas time I might go into debit. As it is I won’t be making Shutterfly Christmas cards this year. Even though I get them very inexpensive and it’s an easy way to show family and friends our children, this year I’m going to save that twenty dollars. Everyone gets a Christmas card from a pack from the Dollar Store. I’m already planning out what I think my kids should get. Although if anyone has a toddler or had a toddler you know their interest change faster then the speed of light. Last Christmas DS was all about Spider-man. Now he could care less about Spider-man and wants everything Lightening McQueen. DD will be easier since she will only be eight months old. Not planning on getting her stacking rings as we have at least four sets of them already. I’ve already started my budget and buying things already.

I honestly like getting Christmas shopping done early because once it comes, we have to ship everything across the country in different directions. The sooner the shopping is done, the better for our wallets. Shipping everything from the west to Pacific and Atlantic gets pricey after the first two packages. The shipping price sometimes cost a lot more then the actual items in the package. Although I am grateful it is easier to ship them there then sending my family of four out east for holidays. For my little family to go east anytime of the year cost over a thousand dollars. It’s cheaper for us to go to Disneyland for a vacation then to fly east. Disneyland is including food and airfare as well. I’m sorry but I’d prefer to go to Disneyland then spend time sitting around with relatives talking about memories that I have never heard of and people I have not met (and thanking my lucky stars that I don’t). We looked around the holiday season to go and see family but the cost is outrageous. If I was some huge hot shot CEO then it would only be pocket change and I would have no problem. But alas I am just a stay at home mom who gets paid in hugs, poopy diapers, and throw up. At least I can ship a package for $16.95 and make my family happy with some presents then paying $1,695 for me to deliver them personally.

On a side note, I honestly do want to blog more but sadly due to two under two and still recovering from surgery that I had three weeks ago my energy level is about as high as well more like below sea level and that’s with coffee and Fall Out Boy’s new album (yes I’m a Fall Out Boy fan and I survived the hiatus!). Was told I’d be out of sorts for two weeks then back to normal, if only that actually happened. But now I should actually turn in and go to sleep instead of listening to Patrick Stump, Pete Wentz, Joe Trohman, and Andy Hurley (no I didn’t look up their names that’s how much I like Fall Out Boy). SAVE ROCK AND ROLL!!

Would You Like to Send Your In-Laws Toilet Paper?

If you have kids, you have them. The Other Family aka your partner’s family (or if you are married the in-laws). Need less to say neither my SO or myself are huge fans of the Other Family. For example, my son’s first birthday came and how they wished him a happy birthday was on Facebook. Facebook!!! Since when has Facebook taken the place of calling, sending cards, or gifts on people’s birthday especially for a one year old. I don’t think that is appropriate at all. My family all gave him presents and a party (yes we did invite them but they all had other things) before we went on our first family vacation for his first birthday. My sister has a knack for things arriving on the day of. Not sure how she does it but I think that is awesome! The Other Family didn’t send anything. Just happy birthday statuses on Facebook. Nothing else. One our son doesn’t even have a Facebook, two we don’t even post photos of him on Facebook to protect him.

Where am I getting here? Well lately the Other Family has been wearing on my partner a lot. We always send cards on Other Family’s birthdays and a gift as well. He is at the point that he doesn’t want to send them anything at all. I don’t blame him. But instead of being “that family” I suggested doing the best idea ever!


Come on, best idea ever right? I give credit to Gives U Can Make for coming up with this awesome idea! The poem reads:

Happy Birthday to My Sister!

This is your Birthday and to show I care,
I wanted to get you something to wear…

I wasn’t sure of your size, and money is tight,
and buying the wrong thing just wouldn’t be right…

So, I’m giving you something I know you can use;
It’s almost as useful as a new pair of shoes.

Now every time you sit to pee,
I know that you will be thinking of me!

So, use this gift to dry your tush,
Then make a wish before you flush.

Obviously you can change sister to fit whomever but is that not the best thing or what? I told my partner and he laughed and laughed. Yes the Other Family can get under your skin and sometimes even deeper but because you share family they will always be there. Even if you want to pull your hair out and they create grays, you have to teach your children to respect them.

Well now I spoiled their birthday presents for next year. Oh well. I’ll think of something else now.

BTW it is all done with humor.