If Ten Million Fireflies Lit Up the World As I Fell Asleep

Over on Pinterest I saw a do your own fireflies in a mason jar. I thought it was kind of cool. Not sure who started the idea of creating them with the inside of a glow stick but kudos to them. My kids are too young to stay up and watch fireworks for Fourth of July this year. And the fact that due to all the wildfires that the state has had has made most of the firework shows cancel. We created our own fireworks with glow sticks and the firefly mason jar.

Was not expecting to do this with my kids at all but when two of the glow sticks broke, I shook the contents into the mason jar. Didn’t have any glitter so nix that step. Might have been a bit helpful but we can do that next time.


Ours didn’t turn out as cool as the Pinterest ones but cool enough for a little toddler who took the jar to bed with him. Maybe next year DS might be able to see a firework show. Although he slept through World of Color at Disneyland Resort when we went for his birthday so maybe fireworks won’t be that cool to him.

Let’s not Forget-Me-Not


This morning at 10:30 it was already 89 degrees as you can see. It only got hotter as the day went on. But since it is Tuesday, the street is littered with garbage trucks so we are out bright and early to watch the garbage trucks. If anyone else has had an almost two year old son who loves cars and tires, you know it is a big thing. So we were out early. Not much shade in the front of our house but that’s when we did our project this morning.

Because every realtor has to advertise their business, one of our local realtors decided to advertise his business by leaving seeds at everyone’s door. I have no green thumb at all. My body missed out on that gene so I would never buy seeds myself. Thanks to mister realtor we have seeds and a project to do.


I used a mason jar to plant the seeds in so my DS could see the layers of dirt and rocks that were going into it. The seeds we got are Forget-Me-Not. If they do bloom they will be pretty little blueish flowers. Here is to hoping they bloom. I had my son place rocks at the bottom of jar since it is suppose to help with drainage. That was his favorite part. He collected rocks all from the yard and put them in the jar.


That’s only half the rocks that ended up in the jar. Next we added potting soil to the jar. DS liked that a lot. He got to play in dirt. What little boy wouldn’t love to play in dirt? Yes hands got dirty but he was happy to add the dirt to jar. The seeds ended up about 1/8 away from the top of the jar just like the package said. I did the seeds as DS was not interested in adding seeds to the soil, just adding more soil and more rocks.


Boom! Our planting experience was almost done. All that was left was watering the seeds. (Yes that is the almighty sunscreen in the background. One can never be without it.) DS did like pouring the water in the jar. If nothing grows I won’t be upset. Like I said I don’t have a green thumb at all. At least we learned that we have to plant seeds and what to do. First time for him. DD is too young to do anything but sit in her swing and watch us. I’m glad we did this in the morning since the afternoon turned into fussy time. It’s to be expected since heat does make people crabby and crazy. Heat wave isn’t over yet. Three more days of it or two depending on what weather station you listen to. Not sure what we will do tomorrow. Maybe have an indoor dance party. That’s one of my son’s favorite things to do. Their Dad’s birthday is coming up and we still have to make a cake for him. Maybe we will do that either tomorrow or the next day. Baking is one of my favorite things to do. I’d prefer not to do it in 95 degree heat but I have done it before. We will see what tomorrow brings.