I’m Not the World’s Best Blogger

Mid August and I have posted absolutely nothing. How bad is that? Pretty bad. Well I guess not much has gone on. Well SO and I did have our first date in about a year and a half. I’m not joking at all. It was the first time we were kid free and ate dinner without saying “sit and eat”, “please finish your vegetables”, and “it’s time to go bye, byes.” A night out. We wouldn’t have been able to if not for one of our close friends. She watched our kids for us while we had dinner and saw Matchbox 20 and Goo Goo Dolls. Now that was bliss for both us. Although once Matchbox 20 came on stage, I lost my energy and I was about to fall asleep on SO.

Both SO and I took a month break from Facebook for the month of July. We learned a lot from it. We both learned that our stress level went down. Way down. We found out we had a lot of free time on our hands. Much more than normal. It’s amazing how much that crazy site waste our time. Now that we are back on Facebook, I check it like five times a week. I didn’t download it back into my phone. It’s staying off. No need to waste time reading what Jane Smith had to eat this morning or that Bob, Ted, and Phil are pounding down beers at Applebee’s or even seeing Mary Sue and John are happily married and after two weeks can’t take their hands off each other. I would love to say adios to Facebook but for me it’s easy to stay in touch with people. Although there are quite a few on my friends list I would love to kick to the curb. And I know that if I kick some of them to the curb a little thing called drama would happen. Oh what happened to the days when it was more of a hassle to research things on the internet then a book.

I should blog more but I’ve been noticing that at the end of the night, I’m done. I curl up with my Kindle, watch some tv shows on it (currently it is Eureka) and pass out. Maybe it is because I’m stuck in a low and I need more sleep or maybe it’s all the running around and chasing children that after 8:30 when they are both passed out and in bed that I’m ready too. I rent a DVD from the library last week to watch after the kids went to bed, yeah never even made it in the DVD player. Oh and those episodes of Eureka, I never finish. I’m so tired that I can’t keep my eyes open. Maybe it’s just me getting very old.

I will try to get back to blogging about the fun crafts we do and the activities we laugh at but for now I leave you with this. It is way past my bed time and I still need to get a few things ready for tomorrow.